Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you guarantee first page rankings?
We will be able to improve your rankings for key search terms and phrases and will most likely be able to get you on the first page results for a certain percentage of them. However, there are many variables that contribute to ranking including the number of competitors so we do not guarantee a first page ranking for any search query.

2. How long before SEO shows results?
Search Engine Optimization, which provides long-lasting benefits, is an incremental process that is carried out over a period of time – and it is usually a few months before we see substantial results. We prefer to work with clients for a minimum of 3 months.

3. How much does SEO cost?
Our initial consultation is free. After that prices vary according to the amount and type of work. We will present a detailed breakdown of tasks, objectives and costs.

4. I’m just planning my website – when should I think about SEO?
It is best practice to start SEO when in the website planning or design phase. SEO may inform many decisions at this point such as where content is placed and navigation structure.

5. Can you build me a website?
Yes we offer web development services.

6. Why should I care about Google Analytics?
In general, an analytics platform provides a way of measuring how your site is performing with respect to your objectives. More specifically, an analytics platform can tell you who your website visitors are, where they are coming from and how they are getting to your site. The platform also helps you track or measure how well (or poorly) the website is performing with respect to any digital objectives or new initiative.

7. How does SEO work?
SEO or Search Engine Optimization works by optimizing your website so it is both more relevant to your visitors and visible to the search engines. SEO employs a number of techniques that include optimizing your site content, acquisition of inbound links and optimizing technical aspects of your site .

8. What about social media – shouldn’t I be spending resources there?
It depends on the type of business you own. Social media works well for some types of businesses but not others. Based on your business we may or may not recommend social media initiatives.

Feel free to contact us if you have additional questions.